Welcome to the Greek chapter of the international non-profit organization "Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology» (CAA-GR). Members of CAA-GR are scientists from the fields of archeology, social sciences, life sciences, arts, mathematics, information technology, engineers and scientists in all fields of cultural heritage.

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The 1st International Workshop on use of Remote Sensing for Monitoring, Modeling and Management of Cultural Heritage and Landscapes proposes an open discussion regarding the current contribution of Remote Sensing, the integration of RS technologies but also the potential challenges that the scientific community should address in the near future (Sentinel sensors). The topics in this workshop include but are not limited uses of satellite imagery, laser and range airborne data, ground truth measurements (GPR, spectro-radiometer) and UAV technologies.

http://www.iccmse.org/sites/default/files/ICCMSE_Logo.pngWe are glad to announce that the International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 2015 (ICCMSE 2015) that will be held in Athens, Greece at 20-23 March 2015 will host a Special Session for Advanced Computational Methods in Archaeology organized by Prof. Ioannis Liritzis, Director Laboratory of Archaeometry at the Dept. of Mediterranean Studies of the University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece.

The aim of this Session is to introduce the range of computational methods available to archaeologists, museologists, scientists. The objectives are to enable one to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of, and critically evaluate, the range of computational methods available to archaeologists, and their contribution to archaeological research. The Session will present the range of computer-based approaches to archaeological work at a variety of scales introducing multimedia, ‘Virtual Reality’, Geographic Information Systems, forms of urban analysis, data capture technologies, simulation and issues relating to digital data management and restoration.

Dates of Importance, Publications, Informations for the Conference and Session and Content of the Session can be found here.

CAA GR 2014

CAA GR cordially invites you to the first CAA GR conference that will be held at the Institute of Mediterranean Studies at Rethymno, Crete from Friday 7th – Saturday 8th March 2014.

You can find instructions on abstract submission on the official website of the conference.

Abstract submission deadline: 8 November 2013.

The call for papers for the 42nd Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Conference, which will be held in Paris, France, from 22th to 25th April 2014, is now open.

Visit the conference web-site for more details.

Computational approaches to archaeological spaces:

This volume of original chapters written by experts in the field offers a snapshot of how historical built spaces, past cultural landscapes, and archaeological distributions are currently being explored through computational social science. It focuses on the continuing importance of spatial and spatio-temporal pattern recognition in the archaeological record, considers more wholly model-based approaches that fix ideas and build theory, and addresses those applications where situated human experience and perception are a core interest. Reflecting the changes in computational technology over the past decade, the authors bring in examples from historic and prehistoric sites in Europe, Asia, and the Americas to demonstrate the variety of applications available to the contemporary researcher.

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