Welcome to the Greek chapter of the international non-profit organization "Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology» (CAA-GR). Members of CAA-GR are scientists from the fields of archeology, social sciences, life sciences, arts, mathematics, information technology, engineers and scientists in all fields of cultural heritage.

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Fourth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environmentʼ 4-8 April, 2016 - Cyprus
Special Session on
Sensing the past: Remote Monitoring for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Call for papers

The RSCy2016, April 4 - 8, 2016 is a most welcome forum to present the latest updates related to current archaeological applications of remote sensing and non-invasive investigation, analysis, and monitoring methods, covering the full spectrum of topics, techniques, time span and global application. A special focus will be drawn on Remote Sensing applications intended for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage.

For further information please visit the RSCy2016 webiste.

CAA 2016We would like to inform you that the Call for sessions for the International CAA 2016 - (Oslo, March 29, 2016 – April 2, 2016) is out.
You can submit a session proposal through the conference management system by September 7th.
Click the link for more information:

Athena Research Centre / DigitalCuration Unit organises and hosts a Training Worshop on 'Digital methods and tools for archaeological data curation', open to participants interested in the use of digital methods and tools for accessing, representing, visualising and communicating archaeological resources. It is taught by an international faculty, including instructors from the Digital Curation Unit, the University of Oxford and the University of Southampton.

This workshop will be held in Athens, Greece on 29 June - 1 July 2015 at the Athens University History Museum. It is part of a five-day Summer School organised in the context of the ARIADNE project on "Emerging digital practices in archaeological research".The goal is to enable researchers and professionals to engage with cutting edge and emerging digital practices of archaeological research, ranging from new methods to capture, organize and curate fieldwork information to new approaches to archaeological interpretation and dissemination, mediated by digital infrastructures.

The Summer School is organised as part of the ARIADNE Transnational Access (TNA) activities, which offer researchers the opportunity to participate in training visits to carry forward their own research.

General Info: http://entopia.org/summerschool
Registration: http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/ariadne-training-workshop-digital-methods-and-tools-for-archaeological-data-curation-tickets-17222787822

The new CAA-GR Board members for the time period of 2015-2018 are:

- Chair Apostolos Sarris
- Deputy Chair Eleftheria Paliou
- Treasurer Tuna Kalayci
- Secretary Markos Katsianis
- Publication Officer Constantinos Papadopoulos

You may view the results here. We would like to thank all the CAA-GR members that participated on the voting process.

The CAA-GR 2015 Annual General meeting has been held on Wednesday, 1st April 2015, 17:00-18:00 at the University of Siena.

Draft Minutes
CAA-GR Members present: 16
Non-members: 3

1. Chairman’s report on CAA-GR actions (events-meetings, publications, finance, number of members, web site visibility)
2. CAA-GR AGM Agenda. The constitutional changes proposed were partly accepted

  • The changes in the Membership (The constitution of CAA-GR, III, 1) were not accepted
  • The proposal for e-voting for the election of the board (The constitution of CAA-GR, V, 4) was accepted.
  • The changes in the eligibility criteria for candidates for the board (The constitution of CAA-GR, V, 4) were not accepted.
  • The proposal for announcement of changes in constitution at the CAA-GR website (The constitution of CAA-GR, VI, 3) was accepted.

3. Other issues discussed:

  • CAA-GR Conference - no official bids yet. Bids are invited for the next conference. 
  • "Mailing list" for the scholars of Eastern Mediterranean zone
  • Enrich the contents of the CAA-GR website
  • E-voting (survey monkey, etc.)

You may also download the draft mintes of the CAA-GR 2015 annual general meeting in pdf format.